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Ebay Api Error 90002


Long error: You must enter a valid start price for an eBay Stores fixed-price item. 377 Serious Error Short error: Action Failed. Errornumber Severity Description 2 Serious Error Short error: Unsupported API call. Long error: The Buy It Now price must be higher than the starting price. 196 Serious Error Short error: Item cannot be relisted. Thank you! http://strongboxlinux.com/ebay-error/ebay-error-90002.php

Long error: Your application encountered an error. Long error: The must be one of the following values : 0, 1. 422 Serious Error Short error: Missing Store Name in the input. Long error: If supplied, must have value of 0 or 1. 327 Serious Error Short error: invalid. You can follow him on Twitter @randy96down or Add to Google+ All free content with same password: 96down.com, Not work or out of date? http://developer.ebay.com/devzone/xml/docs/reference/ebay/errors/errormessages.htm

Ebay Error Code 124

December 8, 2014 at 5:49 am #8454 ChristianMember Hi, there is ebay messages functionality availble in the wp-lister. Long error: eBay User replaceable_value is not authorized to use this application. 585 Serious Error Short error: StartPrice price error. The information for each error includes: error code, error severity, short error string, and long error string.

Long error: In order to provide your bank account information via CIP+ you must enable eBay Checkout in My eBay Preferences, under Seller Preferences. if ( $error->getErrorCode() == 21916635 ) { $longMessage .= '

'. 'Why am I seeing this message?'.'
'; $longMessage .= 'You are trying to change an existing non-variable eBay listing to a variable Long error: The category selected is not a valid category for this site. 87 Serious Error Short error: Invalid category. Ebay Address Book Error 1050 Long error: Users whose registered status is blocked can not complete this request.Please resolve any outstanding complaints on file before proceeding. 119 Serious Error Short error: Feedback rating too low.

Long error: Your item's location was not filled in. Ebay Error 25002 Long error: The UUID can only contain Numbers and Letters from A to F and must be 32 characters long. 488 Serious Error Short error: Duplicate UUID used. Long error: The error language id you specified is invalid. 560 Serious Error Short error: Invalid WeightUnit. Long error: You must specify a valid address value to change/add address. 391 Serious Error Short error: Invalid or empty Phone Number.

Change log: WP-Lister Changelog mrabbit1375 please update to v2.0.8 japenz Hi there, could you please update to version Ebay Error 110 Long error: Invalid . can anyone guide me on this issue? You should try to click the "Test eBay connection" button on the tools page though - this will provide more details and try connecting to other hosts beside api.ebay.com as well.

Ebay Error 25002

If you have a support request or want to submit a bug, please visit our support page. https://www.wplab.com/support/topic/error-messages/ Long error: You did not pass some or all Sothebys parameters through in your call for a Sothebys item. 709 Warning Short error: Unavailable user information. Ebay Error Code 124 Long error: Your scheduled start time is too far in the future. 503 Serious Error Short error: You can not modify pending listings now. Ebay Error Code 1012 if ( $error->getErrorCode() == 21916543 ) { $longMessage .= '

'. 'Why am I seeing this message?'.'
'; $longMessage .= 'eBay tried to fetch an image from your website but your server did

Long error: Flat Envelope Packages or Oversize packages cannot be shipped using USPS Priority Mail. 735 Serious Error Short error: Large or Oversize packages cannot be shipped using Express Mail. navigate here Long error: Users with a low feedback rating can not complete this request. 120 Serious Error Short error: You need to create a seller's account. Long error: Buy It Now price must be greater than your starting price and your reserve price. 592 Serious Error Short error: Bidding is no longer available, please use Buy It Long error: Errors in Input Data.Please try again. 401 Serious Error Short error: Please enter this information. Listing Error Ebay Paypal

Please remove all CDATA tags from your listing template and try again - or contact support. Long error: Input data for tag is invalid or missing. Author Posts Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total) 1 2 → The topic ‘Using Ebay sandbox for WP Lister' is closed to new replies. http://strongboxlinux.com/ebay-error/ebay-error-code-90002.php Long error: You have supplied either shipping costs and/or tax and/or insurance related tag(s) and/or and/or tag(s).

Long error: When search by sellers, only replaceable_value are allowed input tags 410 Serious Error Short error: Your email address cannot begin with a number. Parent Message Id Is Missing Ebay when i tried to verify the product in the listing for the sandbox account, then it is giving error like this: Error: (#90002) soap-fault: No Password and no token. Long error: Unsupported shipping service selected for Oversize packages. 743 Serious Error Short error: Letters cannot be sent via Parcel Post.

Long error: Invalid Destination or PostalCode. 721 Serious Error Short error: Shipping service is missing or invalid.

Long error: The category you have selected is blocked for general users. 157 Serious Error Short error: Tax state too long. The location field helps buyers determine the shipping cost(s) for the item, and should always be included. 72 Serious Error Short error: Location too long. JapeNZ Hi guys, please update to version, thank you Jake Fish Version is available. Error Code-50023 Paypal Long error: Category change denied.

Error: (#930) No XML or was found in XML Request. eBay is not able to fetch images from SSL-only sites.'; $longMessage .= '
'; $longMessage .= 'Alternatively visit the developer settings page and set the EPS transfer mode option to active. Our clients are still experiencing the same problem so I can only assume that a fix was not released. http://strongboxlinux.com/ebay-error/ebay-error-240.php Recent Posts WP-Lister for eBay 2.0 has arrived About eBay accounts and security tokens Easter Sale - 20% off all plugins Why you should keep WordPress updated WooCommerce - #1 eCommerce

Long error: The scheduled date occurs in the past. Long error: We did not find your transaction in our system. 397 Serious Error Short error: Revise Checkout Information Action Denied. if ( $error->getErrorCode() == 21919028 ) { $longMessage .= '

'. 'Why am I seeing this message?'.'
'; $longMessage .= 'You probably tried to disable Best Offer for this item.
'; $longMessage .= 'Turning Long error: This call requires pagination at this Detail Level 469 Serious Error Short error: Your start price is too low Long error: In order to list more than one item

Long error: The application ID in the session certificate is not a valid application ID. 137 Serious Error Short error: User ID in session certificate invalid. Long error: The specified time window is invalid. 522 Serious Error Short error: No time window specified. Long error: Your application encountered an error. This error type is indicated in error result sets by the value returned in the ErrorClass return field.

Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. Long error: Flat Envelope Packages cannot be shipped using Parcel Post Mail. 737 Serious Error Short error: Postal code is not valid. This seems to tie in to when version 949 was released on the 12th. Long error: Please enter this information. 402 Serious Error Short error: Your email address is too long.

Long error: You need to specify the tax. Long error: You are not allowed to revise ended listings. 292 Serious Error Short error: You are not allowed to add second category. Long error: The quantity must be a valid number greater than 0. 516 Serious Error Short error: Category error. Long error: Immediate payment seller is missing, please provide a valid one. 846 Serious Error Short error: Immediate payment category missing.

Long error: Immediate payment PayPal email address is missing, please provide a valid one. 845 Serious Error Short error: Immediate payment Seller missing. Long error: API developer name "replaceable_value" not found. 126 Serious Error Short error: Developer inactive. Long error: Dutch items, Real Estate, Adult and Classified items can not be listed in two Categories. palmas 1.6.2?