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Delete the ASK toolbar files, and the readme.htm file. To continue with the Smart Luck install, you must turn off McAfee or other anti-virus software prior to installing our software. Create this VBScript file and name it "util.vbs": Option Explicit Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002 Function GetRegObj(regType) Dim oCtx, oLocator Set oCtx = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemNamedValueSet") oCtx.Add "__ProviderArchitecture", regType Set oLocator = CreateObject("Wbemscripting.SWbemLocator") Set Click the download now button. http://strongboxlinux.com/error-0/error-0-running-command-setupgs-exe.php

GSPMDRV.EXE An "external driver" used by the "os2pm" device, which is normally the default device and which displays output in a Presentation Manager window; GSPMDRV.EXE must be located in the All rights reserved. Inoltre condividiamo informazioni sull’uso del nostro sito con i nostri partner pubblicitari, di social media e di dati statistici. Overview of how to install Ghostscript You must have three things to run Ghostscript: The Ghostscript executable file; on some operating systems, more than one file is required. https://blog.zubairalexander.com/how-to-fix-error-0-running-command-setup-exe-when-printing-to-cutepdf-writer/

Error 0 Running Command Setup.exe Winzip Self-extractor

Similarly, if you have Adobe Type Basics, you may wish to replace FONTMAP with FONTMAP.ATB. You should be able to install the converter without any problems. See the Aladdin Free Public License (the "License") for full details of the terms of using, copying, modifying, and redistributing Aladdin Ghostscript. Here is the process I put together.

I wanted to install GhostScript separately so I have the current version. 3. I installed it and the editor. Choose Advanced. 7 Zip Using the standard Windows library search method: the directory from which the application loaded, the current directory, the Windows system directory, the Windows directory and the directories listed in the PATH

Switzerland The top 10 US states with the most visitors are: 1. Yum Install Ghostscript Sì No Condividi Condividi su Facebook Condividi su Twitter Condividi su Google + Alternative a GPL Ghostscript Confronto di GPL Ghostscript con altri programmi GPL Ghostscript 9.07 Windows XP Service Pack Copyright SOFTONIC INTERNACIONAL S.A. © 1997-2016 - Tutti i diritti riservati Usiamo cookie nostri e di terze parti per migliorare i nostri servizi e la vostra esperienza. http://www.smartluck.com/faq/faq418.htm The extraction utility will create a 120KB Setup.exe file and a GPLGS folder that will contain 203 files.

Installing Ghostscript on MS Windows We usually distribute Ghostscript releases for Windows as self-extracting archive files, since this is the most convenient form for users. Great tip. Uninstalling ask.com after the fact doesn't revert the home page. 2. Fonts, for rendering text.

  1. It comes handy when I need to create a PDF file from just about any Windows application that is able to print, such as Notepad, Paint, InfoPath form, Outlook email, etc.
  2. It also requires a PS2PDF converter such as Ghostscript.
  3. Use UniExtract to extract the setup files.
  4. Also, you will want to add "Spooler" to the ServiceControl table so that the Spooler service is stopped prior to install and restarted after the install.

Yum Install Ghostscript

You need these files to run Ghostscript on OS/2: GSOS2.EXE A text application that will run windowed or full screen GSDLL2.DLL A dynamic link library that must be in http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/doc/AFPL/6.01/Install.htm gs_*.ps unless Ghostscript was compiled using the "compiled initialization files" option. Error 0 Running Command Setup.exe Winzip Self-extractor When I tried to print to the CutePDF Writer I received the following error. Cutepdf Writer Must Be Used With Ps2pdf Converter Select your Postscript printer.

If you run GS386 in the OS/2 2.0 or 2.1 DOS box, you must select the "ENABLED" setting for the DPMI_DOS_API option of the DOS box. useful reference Virginia 6. Vedi tutto Video correlati su GPL Ghostscript Windows 8.1 - Torna il pulsante Start PLAY Windows 8.1 Everywhere Windows 8.1 - il pulsante Start Windows 8.1 Tieni i dirver aggiornati con OK etc. What Is Ghostscript

Setup Information: Setup Type: unspecified Deployment Method Used: unspecified Deployment Difficulty: unspecified Platform(s): Windows mjhmjh2 01/16/2007 Show Comments ( 0 ) Please log in to comment 116 Note A or login Views: 18.9k  |  Created: 08/13/2005 Average Rating: 0 CutePDF Writer has 1 inventory records, 7 Questions, 0 Blogs and 1 links. Unable to uninstall CutePDF Writer. my review here GSPMDRV.EXE An "external driver" used by the "os2pm" device, which is normally the default device and which displays output in a Presentation Manager window; GSPMDRV.EXE must be located in the

Right-click the file and extract it. I think CutePDF is a fantastic product. For printer devices, output goes to the default queue.

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Washington 4. Uncheck Use Printer Fonts for All TrueType Fonts and Use Substitution Table. I then took the ghostscript files and extracted them into a GS folder. Grazie Roberto...

Legal | Feedback c926729 Tue September 6 19:00:00 EDT 2016"www.itninja.com How to install Ghostscript Table of contents Overview of how to install Ghostscript Installing Ghostscript on Unix Additional notes You may also like... 1 PowerShell Script to Enable or Disable Network Adapter at Startup or Logon in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 August 17, 2013 0 Where is Microsoft Since GSOS2.EXE is not a PM application, it cannot determine the depth of the PM display. get redirected here The Ghostscript setup program will create registry values for the environment variables GS_LIB and GS_DLL.

So, to get around that, I ended up needing to extract the CutePDF install. Here is a list of the top 15 countries with the highest number of visitors. 1. Italy 9. General Windows configuration The archive includes files in these subdirectories: gs#.##\bin gs#.##\lib gs#.##\examples gs#.##\doc fonts The actual executable files, in the gs#.##\bin subdirectory, are: GSWIN32.EXE 32-bit Ghostscript using windows GSWIN32C.EXE

This file is part of Aladdin Ghostscript. The only thing I noticed was the install puts PSCRIPT.HLP in the folder C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\ so I left it there and made the following additions and changes to the INF file shown However, the self extracting archive will not automatically run and install the Ghostscript. Install all the files, including the fonts, in the same directory as the executable and initialization files.

Information on GSview is available from: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost /gsview/ Win32s (Windows 3.1) and Windows NT 3.5 To install Ghostscript on Win32s (partial 32-bit environment under MS Windows 3.1), or Windows NT 3.5 Reason: Spam For more information, visit our FAQ's. If you are not familiar with the CutePDF Writer, it's a free version of the commercial PDF converter software. It does not seem to set this back when you uninstall.

For printer devices, the default output is: The default printer Win95 or WinNT Prompt for a printer port Win32s (Windows 3.1) This can be modified as follows. -sOutputFile="LPT1:" Output Click Configure (left). Show 1 reply Re: Silent install for Ghostscript? Setup Information: Setup Type: unspecified Deployment Method Used: unspecified Deployment Difficulty: unspecified Platform(s): Windows mstarks67 02/09/2011 Show Comments ( 0 ) Please log in to comment 0 Note I

Assuming you want the 32-bit version, copy the following folder and files to another location: \Driver\ (you can omit the x64 folder) PDFWrite.rsp Setup.exe UNINSCPW.exe WizModernSmallImage-IS.bmp cpwmon2k.dll CPWSave.exe 4. Thank you solsikkehaven Setup Information: Setup Type: unspecified Deployment Method Used: unspecified Deployment Difficulty: unspecified Platform(s): Windows gtimlin 04/13/2009 Show Comments ( 0 ) Please log in to comment A list of similar configuration options is available via ./configure --help For more detailed information on building Ghostscript see how to build Ghostscript on Unix in the documentation on building Ghostscript, Ghostscript as a shared object If you've built Ghostscript as a shared object, instead of 'make install', you must use 'make soinstall'.

Uninstall your McAfee security center (Click start, control panel and programs, then click on McAfee security center and choose uninstall. I grew tired of fighting with the msi package. The per-platform descriptions that follow tell you where to install these files.