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Ebay Api Error Codes


Long error: You must have a Premier or Business PayPal account to require immediate payment. 836 Serious Error Short error: Seller not eligible for immediate payment option. Long error: Please make sure the folder name contains only letters and numbers. 894 Serious Error Short error: Product name too long. Please check eBay for selling requirements. 589 Serious Error Short error: You have reached one or more buying activity limits. Long error: Your feedback rating does not allow you to leave feedback. 52 Serious Error Short error: User for whom you are trying to leave feedback for is not found. have a peek here

Long error: The User ID you entered is either merged or suspended or the account is closed. 214 Serious Error Short error: Auction Ended. Long error: The specified time window is invalid. 522 Serious Error Short error: No time window specified. Long error: You must accept credit card payment for fixed-price listings. 323 Serious Error Short error: Conflicting input tags in your request. This means you have specified an element that we don't recognize. (This could occur if you spell the element name differently than we do, or if you send it in the http://developer.ebay.com/devzone/xml/docs/reference/ebay/errors/errormessages.htm

Ebay Error Code 80000

Long error: Unknown error. 797 Serious Error Short error: Must be super-user to use this tag. Long error: Invalid user name or password. Long error: For fixed price item, the start price for relisted item must be less than or equal to the start price set in the initial listing of this item. 310 Be sure the localname and namespace match the SOAP version we support, which is SOAP 1.1.

Long error: Buy It Now Dutch Auctions are not supported at this time. 195 Serious Error Short error: Buy It Now price must be higher than starting price. Likewise, values for Title or Subtitle cannot be revised for Fixed Price listings when at least one quantity has been sold or when at least one pending best offer has been Long error: This remote GetCategoryListing request failed, please try again. 253 Serious Error Short error: Invalid . Ebay Error Code 70020 Read More → eBay Error - 219022 Package dimensions exceeded maximum allowable limit for service USPS Priority Mail International.

Long error: Your StartPrice is too low. Long error: The specified API error level is unsupported in this release. 5 Serious Error Short error: XML Parse error. Long error: The must be one of the following values : 0, 1. 422 Serious Error Short error: Missing Store Name in the input. http://pages.ebay.com/file_exchange/SMP_errorcodes.html Long error: The compatibility level you supplied is less than the compatibility level required at this release level. 521 Serious Error Short error: Time window is invalid.

Either the item number you entered does not exist or you have not completed a transaction with this user or the time limit for leaving Feedback has expired or the feedback Ebay Error Code 601 Long error: You cannot use the eBay scheduling feature. Your credit card on file with eBay has expired. 773 Serious Error Short error: You cannot use the eBay scheduling feature. If a server-related warning is returned, you do not need to retry the request.

Ebay Error Code 80801

Long error: Your application encountered an error. Long error: If value is 2, you must supply and . 331 Serious Error Short error: Invalid value for counter style. Ebay Error Code 80000 This documentation and the API may only be used in accordance with the eBay Developers Program and API License Agreement. Ebay Error Code 80016 The following example, which applies to the SOAP API, shows one way to handle infrastructure error message data using C#.

We recommend that you only use this for testing and debugging purposes, not in your production application. navigate here Long error: Provide a valid value for . 722 Serious Error Short error: Invalid package size for the selected shipping method. Long error: The insurance option must be one of the following values : 0, 1, 2. 307 Serious Error Short error: Invalid start price/Buy It Now price. Long error: Your email address cannot be less than replaceable_value characters. 406 Serious Error Short error: You have exceeded the 30 day maximum time window allowed by and . Ebay Error Code 70049

Go to PayPal to upgrade or turn off the immediate payment requirement for this listing. 837 Serious Error Short error: Ineligible immediate payment Category. Check the value and resubmit the request. 10009Either "replaceable_value" does not exist or "replaceable_value" is specified as an empty tag in the request. It also specifies a value (Value), which is the parameter itself (e.g., the attribute set ID). http://strongboxlinux.com/error-code/ebay-error-10424.php For the SOAP API, four general types of SOAP faults are used for infrastructure errors.

Valid Values: Application An error occurred due to a problem with the request, with the most likely source being the application sending the request. Ebay Error Code 8000 Long error: Unregistered users or users who have not completed their registration can not complete this request. 118 Serious Error Short error: Registration blocked. Please try to register with a different email.

Long error: The category is not valid, select another category. 115 Serious Error Short error: Reserve price too high.

Read More → eBay Error - 21916260 Shipping service cost exceeds $x.xx maximum allowed for selected category. Long error: Your email address is not accepted by eBay. See the Compatible Application Check section of the eBay Features Guide for more information. Ebay Error Code 70205 If the problem is due to an application error, modify the application and resend the request.

If an API exception occurs, the call results in the return of just an error and no data is returned. eBay Trading APIVersion 981 Home All Docs Support Knowledge Base Forums Resources Features Guide Users Guide Making a Call API Reference Tutorials Release Notes SeverityCodeType ( token ) SeverityCodeType - Type When a problem occurs and a request (or a portion of a request) cannot be executed for some reason, the response includes a list of errors instead of the normal business this contact form Long error: The user ID in the session certificate does not match the requesting user. 139 Serious Error Short error: Session certificate expired.

Please go back and try again. 712 Serious Error Short error: Invalid weight. Long error: Large packages cannot be shipped using USPS Express Mail or First Class Mail. 723 Serious Error Short error: Invalid package size for the selected shipping method. The change is noted in your account. At run-time, an application can use the hasError( ) and hasWarning( ) methods of the API call object to determine whether an error (or a warning) has occurred as a result

Please provide a valid one. 605 Serious Error Short error: No layout ID found. All rights reserved. Long error: Please enter a valid price for your item (e.g. Long error: The transaction record can not be updated. 707 Serious Error Short error: Actual rate shipping is not allowed in this listing.

The ApiException object is an array of objects of type ErrorType. For example, a database or server could be down. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy. 241 Warning Short error: Unable to send listing confirmation notice. Each one has a parameter ID attribute (ParamID) that specifies the index of the parameter in the list (e.g., 0 for the first parameter, 1 for the second parameter).

Long error: The logo size "replaceable_value" is invalid. 26 Serious Error Short error: Invalid Site ID. Before you can list this item we need some additional information to create a seller's account.) Solution: You need an eBay store to use PriceYak. This documentation and the API may only be used in accordance with the eBay Developers Program and API License Agreement. Long error: This item not listed with Immediate payment. 851 Serious Error Short error: Requested quantity not available.

Please go back and remove the featured auction option. 106 Serious Error Short error: Description is missing.