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alclub Programming 0 08-29-2011 08:33 AM i am using write() function to send string to my driver . Repairing this condition usually requires unmounting, possibly repairing and remounting the file system. This error means you got lucky and the system noticed; it might just hang. Macro: int EALREADY An operation is already in progress on an object that has non-blocking mode selected.

Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. LinuxQuestions.org > Forums > Linux Forums > Linux - Networking [SOLVED] read function call failing with EFAULT (Bad address) User Name Remember Me? Macro: int ENOTSUP Not supported. Please DON'T copy followups to me -- I'll assume it wasn't posted to the group.

Linux Kernel Error Codes

This is because your program calls the accept function incorrectly, and the code within the accept function is then invoking undefined behavior. You have to pass in the pointer to the place where you > want the data written. Is the sum of two white noise processes also a white noise?

errno is thread-local; setting it in one thread does not affect its value in any other thread. Macro: int EAGAIN Resource temporarily unavailable; the call might work if you try again later. if((clientSockFd=accept(serverSockFd,(struct sockaddr*)&clientAddr,&clientAddrSize))<0) .. .. .. } Here is the full text of the code, in case the above does not suffice: //struct sockaddr_in clientAddr; int main() { int serverSockFd,clientSockFd,noOfBytesReadTotal,noOfB ytesReadOneRead; char Linux Errno To String For example, trying to mount an ordinary file as a file system in Unix gives this error.

Notices Welcome to LinuxQuestions.org, a friendly and active Linux Community. Posix Error Codes dpattnaik Linux - Newbie 0 06-22-2009 02:39 AM problem of function call address in executable file valpa Programming 12 09-05-2008 08:36 AM Bad address error when using the system call rename Macro: int EISCONN You tried to connect a socket that is already connected. https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/12630 Macro: int EPROCLIM This means that the per-user limit on new process would be exceeded by an attempted fork.

This is used by the file locking facilities; see File Locks. Errno.h Windows Macro: int EACCES Permission denied; the file permissions do not allow the attempted operation. It gives an EFAULT error for accept. Macro: int ECONNRESET A network connection was closed for reasons outside the control of the local host, such as by the remote machine rebooting or an unrecoverable protocol violation.

Posix Error Codes

Returning from socket.accept and threading issues. Macro: int EIO Input/output error; usually used for physical read or write errors. Linux Kernel Error Codes They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Linux Errno Example recv from is returning -1, I think in my frustration (and annoyance with flies) over looked this. > >returns the char* buffer as NULL.

See Socket Options. Some of these error codes can’t occur on GNU systems, but they can occur using the GNU C Library on other systems. Hopefully I can give a clearer discription of the problem by correctly describing what is going on :) Here is half the function which uses recvfrom, the other half is basically Macro: int EIEIO Go home and have a glass of warm, dairy-fresh milk. Enxio

Macro: int EREMOTE An attempt was made to NFS-mount a remote file system with a file name that already specifies an NFS-mounted file. (This is an error on some operating systems, Macro: int EINPROGRESS An operation that cannot complete immediately was initiated on an object that has non-blocking mode selected. EINVAL Invalid argument (POSIX.1) EIO Input/output error (POSIX.1) EISCONN Socket is connected (POSIX.1) EISDIR Is a directory (POSIX.1) EISNAM Is a named type file EKEYEXPIRED Key has expired EKEYREJECTED Key was This gave me the impression that the clientAddr structure was causing this problem, so I declared it as a global variable(see below).Now the code works fine.

Instead, they return EINPROGRESS to indicate that the operation has begun and will take some time. Einval Errno If you get this error, you might want to increase the RLIMIT_NOFILE limit or make it unlimited; see Limits on Resources. Dik Guest « mkstemp (equivalent?) and berkely dbopen | Search for Stream links, example program » Similar Threads #40481 [NEW]: mail() sends email to wrong address where there are "-" in

Everything else is off-topic for comp.lang.c.

Can someone tell me why I am getting this error? It will not work with modern versions of the C library. Sign in to comment Contact GitHub API Training Shop Blog About © 2016 GitHub, Inc. Ewouldblock Macro: int EHOSTDOWN The remote host for a requested network connection is down.

Macro: int ESRCH No process matches the specified process ID. Macro: int ENOTTY Inappropriate I/O control operation, such as trying to set terminal modes on an ordinary file. Macro: int ENOTSOCK A file that isn’t a socket was specified when a socket is required. The system tried to use the device represented by a file you specified, and it couldn’t find the device.

Macro: int ENOTBLK A file that isn’t a block special file was given in a situation that requires one. Thanks, J c sockets udp sendto share|improve this question asked Feb 13 '12 at 12:59 aktungmak 1391110 something inside the const struct msghdr *message argument you gave to sendmsg If the entire function is not available at all in the implementation, it returns ENOSYS instead. Macro: int EDIED On GNU/Hurd systems, opening a file returns this error when the file is translated by a program and the translator program dies while starting up, before it has

If it were intended to allocate the memory for you, it would have to receive a char** parameter. > I'm not quite sure what you >mean when you say we need Attempts to manipulate the object before the call completes return EALREADY. Whenever I try to retreive a udp packet sent via broadcast I get the errorcode EFAULT(bad address). Often using a debugger to run a program is considered having it open for writing and will cause this error. (The name stands for “text file busy”.) This is not an

For this purpose I defined a char array called readString which was initially defined as readString[6]. asked 4 years ago viewed 15455 times active 4 years ago Related 1sendto() crashes with error code “Success”4Multiple sendto() using UDP socket3Socket programming: sendto always fails with errno 220Using Getaddrinfo() and Macro: int EUSERS The file quota system is confused because there are too many users. Macro: int EMLINK Too many links; the link count of a single file would become too large.

OT: Your code does not initialize the third parameter to accept before making the call. It returns the number of bytes correctly but returns the char* buffer as NULL. For some system calls and library functions (e.g., getpriority(2)), -1 is a valid return on success. int Communications::QueueMessages(int socket) { QueueNode *newNode = new QueueNode; newNode->message=NULL; cout << "QueueMessages: Entering... "; if(first == NULL) // Then last is NULL, and there are no messages in queue {

This happens not only when you use link (see Hard Links) but also when you rename a file with rename (see Renaming Files). Any help would be appriciated and I wouldn't be supprised if I was just missing something simple with broacasting as I am still learning some aspects of socket programiing.Thanks in advance You have to pass in the pointer to the place where you want the data written. >wouldn't be supprised if I was just missing something simple with >broacasting as I am Statistical information by Google Analytics system::error system::error::EFAULT [−] [src] pub const EFAULT: isize = 14 Help Keyboard Shortcuts ?

This indicates an internal confusion in the file system which is due to file system rearrangements on the server host for NFS file systems or corruption in other file systems. Macro: int ENOTCONN The socket is not connected to anything. On GNU/Hurd systems, this error can happen for many calls when the object does not support the particular operation; it is a generic indication that the server knows nothing to do