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I did the same thing and sent it back to amazon but the replacement was the same. The LG drive does what it is supposed to do whenplaying a CD (silent!!!) but, unfortunately, does the same when ripping (silent but slow!), even when I set "max. As others have said, you probably want to encode in the background. The CD/DVD drive. Source

In my experience, and using my Optiplex drive, when 1. There are around 360000 sectors on a 700 MB CD-R, that is 737280000 bytes = 703 MB for data sectors. Wasn't able to even make it to the ripping stage in MC.What would you take for the disc? I'm ripping CD's to my library, and I'm getting average speeds of about 1.5-2x. directory

Eac Peak Level

Use Mr C's settings rather than those in the wiki and you can probably cut the 8-10 minute rip time even further. Is there any way of speeding things up without compromising sound quality? You would seem to have it on " paranoid" settings whereby it checks and double checks the data. Yes, I did.

If you don't want to compress your files, make sure that there is "Internal Wav Routines" selected. You set the ripping to safe mode 2. Other ripper s/w: Plextools - uses C2 error detection to verify correctness in one pass. Dbpoweramp Kind regards - Garry Hi Gary The notebook I am using is only 1 yr old and has windows 7 program bought it second hand solely for music library, its memory

Joined 4/2005 Select All Posts By This User I have error recovery on high. Exact Audio Copy Error Correction General tab The options on this tab have pretty much no influence on the ripping and encoding process. Note encoding is slowed CONSIDERABLY if you have silence in the tracks. http://www.head-fi.org/t/138705/why-is-eac-ripping-so-slow PC B, my Dell home PC.

Unfortunately I have found that if the discs are bad enough that they won't rip well in burst mode, they're damaged enough that the error correction of secure mode won't fix The cd drive I used before was much faster. but that may even be overkill, if the CRCs match you're pretty certain that you've got a good rip. Except for fixing synchronization errors, EAC performs absolutely no form of error correction, whatsoever.

Exact Audio Copy Error Correction

greynol Hero Member Joined: 01 April, 2004 Posts: 12,145 Logged Global Moderator Is it normal for EAC to be that slow? http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/en/index.php/overview/basic-technology/extraction-technology/ Go to EAC Options > Tools and check "On extraction, start external compressor queued in the background". Eac Peak Level Either way, they cost nothing on Monoprice.I've, personally, had weird issues with drives where I was pulling my hair out and going nuts. Eac Burst Mode Even though they are new and in perfect condition, ripping takes a lot of time and there are a few glitches in the resulting files.

MrC2006-12-07, 09:10These rip times are very slow indeed. this contact form To be on the safe side, you should turn off the C2 error correction. Reply post #8 of 20 10/8/05 at 4:20pm Thread Starter gongos Trader Feedback: +3 offline 98 Posts. Joined 5/2002 Location: Switzerland Select All Posts By This User Quote: Originally Posted by gongos I just installed a Plextor 716a drive and when I rip cds w/ EAC it's extremely Exact Audio Copy Setup

Logged JimH Administrator Citizen of the Universe Posts: 49138 Miller drives a tall-masted tractor on the ocean Re: CD ripping painfully slow on brand new PC « Reply #6 on: January Do you know where your shoes are? Also, a folder or backup-media like CD-R or DVD+-R containing very many albums is still easy to overview using this scheme. have a peek here Trading System by XenCentral.com Head-Fi.org Join Head-Fi.org Home Head Gear Forums Wiki Gallery Sponsors Buying Guide Search My Profile Remember Me or Connect Advanced Search Head-Fi.org›Forums›Equipment Forums›Computer Audio›Why is EAC ripping

YMMV Powered by vBulletin Version 4.2.3 Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. Reply #3 – 31 July, 2013, 03:35:54 PM You may try CUEtools ripper. It might be slower than some of the alternatives, but I only intend on ripping my CDs once, and I want them to be 100% accurate to the original.

Usually this error occurs when not using the ASPI interface of Adaptec.

As I’ve stated before, it has nothing to do with the OS. I'm ripping with Secure mode with accurate stream feature this is weird because i like using this program! All Rights Reserved. So start regedit.exe and delete the key at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AWSoftware\EAC What is "Paranoid Mode" and why is it not recommended?

I have found this to be true when a CD has been on the market for a long time and what you are buying is the later pressings. The EAC report indicates "No error" but when I hear the resulting wav file there is an error in it (a blank at the position where the correction indicator got highlighted)! What is the risk , if any, of doing this? Check This Out Which flags can I use for the filename creation scheme?

I have clicked on the "Possible Errors" after extraction, and then I have to "Select A Track". On the other hand, as example the Toshiba DVD-Rom drives from model SDM 1222 up to 1502, 1602, 1712, 1802, have same read offset correction since years (btw. Last Edit: 01 August, 2013, 10:30:28 AM by greynol 13 February 2016: The world was blessed with the passing of a truly vile and wretched person.Your eyes cannot hear. I'm not sure if I want to know if I was doing something wrong - I'll never get all that time back.....(although I still have more to rip......) Mark Lanctot2006-12-07, 08:50Holy

May 2006, 8:52 for CD Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra / The Song Is You- The Complete Studio Masters, Vol. 2 EAC extraction logfile from 29. It took me 5 hours last night to download EAC with the help of EAC lossless ripping guide. PC B, my Dell home PC.