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Here is the example which led to this tip: # iFolder Volume \ directory for user files # # Edit the iFolderServerRoot # Edit the iFolderUserRoot (same as iFolderServerRoot, used by En la lista Guardar en seleccione la carpeta donde quiere guardar la clave de la copia de seguridad 7-Zip. AndersG 16/07/2004 04:05 AM 1KB Re: Thanks for the quick reply (with followup ques though) Moving ifolder from default install on Sys Vol to some other... Any trademarks referenced in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Put in the *exact* URL you use in the iFolder client in the login menu. Operators: Great Western Railway Compass Travel London Buses National Express Arriva Kent & Surrey Abellio Surrey Language ▼ English Français Nederlands 日本語 Deutsch Español Italiano Português (BR) Dansk Cestina 中文 (漢語) Haga clic con el botón secundario para que aparezca el menú contextual de Inicio. TO work around the issue, I simply deleted (moved, actually) my iFolder data to backup directory after stopping iFolder.

How do I set up iFolder, which requires the Apache web server, on a server already running Netscape Enterprise Server? But suddenly I could not log in, getting password errors in the client. No hitting ctrl-F5, nothing. So I edited the ifolder_nav.html file, found the 'Login' link, changed the 'target=content2' to 'target=_top' and guess what?

Restart the iFolder client. Q. What might be the problem? iFolder data directory on VOL1:\IFOLDER.

Saucer 03/08/2004 04:33 AM 1KB Re: Can't Administer iFolder Lester R. iFolder will not recreate necessary iFolder objects in NDS if it senses that the schema has already been extended and certain objects are seen. I'd appreciate it if someone knows the answer to this one and can email me - I will post a solution here if it exists. https://forums.netiq.com/archive/index.php/t-39613.html I tried renaming the existing iFolder objects (iFolder_ServerAgent, iFolder_Settings, iFolder_ldap01, iFolder_server), but the reinstall did NOT recreate those objects.

HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para verificar el estado de la Certificación Dorada de Microsoft de Solvusoft en Microsoft Pinpoint >> CERRAR These objects need to be deleted (or renamed) first. Tip #5 - Can't Log In to iFolder (Never Worked) Q. Also, it would be sweet if some folder could be easily removed from the sync process.

  • AndersG 04/07/2004 05:54 PM 1KB Re: error Failed to extend directory schema: 1210 ?
  • I could see "*O=DD" showing up in the DSTRACE.
  • If you want to modify the login link, you can do it quite easily!
  • See this TID: http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/10062292.htm Tip #7 - How to Access iFolder through BorderManager Reverse Proxy Q.

iFolder Client Error: 105 (Connection error) (Last modified: 27May2003) This document (10074604) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Visit Website Bert Plat 06/07/2004 10:09 PM 1KB Re: iFolder users can't initialize account Adrian Nott 02/07/2004 09:52 AM 6KB Re: iFolder users can't initialize account Adrian Nott 02/07/2004 10:05 AM 6KB Unsurprisingly, this worked flawlessly. Ales Seifert 05/07/2004 03:02 AM 1KB Re: Never version of NetDrive?

From Southall Broadway line 105 bus to Heathrow Airport London, bus to Woking Railway Station, bus to Friary Bus Station, then line 42 bus to Ifold, Pittsgate (Hail & Ride). 5hrs You can even download my version and make some slight changes. Haga clic en Desinstalar o cambiar de la cinta de opciones del menú superior. Continue on with the steps at step 4h: http://ifolder.something.com (DNS name of whatever your ifolder box is) at step 4i: We're good UNTIL passphrase: The value for passphrase is incorrect.

Procedure to get everything working: Note: iFolder 1.x used a SYS:\APACHE\IFOLDER\SERVER\HTTPD_ADDITIONS_NW.CONF file. Aside from the earlier tips, Jason Williams, a forum user, reports that the iFolder 1.0 web page does not pass certain characters in a password: "It won't pass certain characters in A. Tip #2 - Running Apache and Netscape on the Same Server Q.

This one took me YEARS to figure out, but it is quite simple. You need to go into the registry and delete some extra information on the ServerLocation entry. Ifolder 1.0 - Tip #1 - Moving iFolder from One Server to Another These instructions apply to iFolder 1.0, installed on NetWare 5.1.

AndersG 03/08/2004 04:42 PM 1KB securing data on non company assets angela.c.perry 27/07/2004 02:12 AM 1KB Re: securing data on non company assets Automatic Reply 30/07/2004 11:28 PM 1KB iFolder

Apache should now start without the 443 error. Hacer clic en Sí. I know they are completely different, but the basic concepts are the same for our purposes. Either that, or Novell haven't coded it properly.

What can I do to get iFolder working again without disabling Internet Explorer proxy settings? My iFolder client doesn't work when I am using a PPPoE DSL connection. It should be straightforward, but if you have questions, ask ! iFolder admin login to iFolder 2 management console worked, but when looking at the LDAP user object, no contexts were displayed.

Fourth Problem: Upgrading Users Did Not Find Any Users to Upgrade My fault. The procedure for iFolder 2.x will be similar. Here is where you can have a problem; a problem that did not exist for me with ver 2.1.0. Debido a este riesgo, recomendamos ampliamente la utilización de un liberador de registro confiable como WinThruster (Desarrollado por Microsoft Gold Certified Partner) para analizar y reparar cualquier problema relacionado con el

Schneider 07/07/2004 02:27 AM 1KB Re: Move iFolder to another cluster Jarmo Hakala 07/07/2004 07:37 PM 1KB Re: Determin iFolder sync folder bruce 08/07/2004 02:18 PM 1KB Re: Determin iFolder A. Realizar un seguimiento de cuándo y dónde se produce el error de 105 es una información crítica en la resolución del problema. You may not need to do any of that.

Recently, things like DropBox and Ubuntu One are a great step forward. What I did realise, is that the link to take you to the demo is not on a frames page. I tested it, and if there were some problems with the first version, I managed to get the latest one to work with my setup. Don't forget to clean up the old directories after some testing.

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